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Content Management

Content Management

Powerful and easy-to-use!

Why Modular?

We call our Content Management modular because we install the operating system once, after that, we can add as many pages or content areas as you want. This keeps the initial cost down and you only pay for what you need!

Because we build our CMS, we are able to retro-fit it to nearly all static websites, whether we have built the website or not! If you're happy with your current website but would love to have have some control over the content - you probably can now*.

* For technical reasons you will need to use our CMS PRO hosting.

The Benefits

If you use a WordPress style CMS, then in most cases, every page forms part of the system. This has the disadvantage that all of the pages within the website are 'code heavy' and can result in the website loading slowly, which Google hates.

We can provide you a tailor-made modular Content Management System with as little or as much control over the content as you want. This keeps the rest of the website fast, which Google loves.

Your Questions

Are there instructions for the CMS control panel?

Yes, but you won't need many as the system is very intuitive and easy to use.

Why wouldn't I want control over everything?

Some things are better left to the experts - keep it simple and task-focused.

What are the benefits of using a modular CMS?

To keep a site fast loading we only make only the parts you want active.

Can you retro-fit this to my old website?

Yes, in most cases but we would need you to use our CMS PRO hosting.